Prevention of coronavirus is possible only with precautionary measures – Aliya Syed


Kashmir:(PR): Aliya Syed, International Award Winner and Coach of Kashmir Women’s Cricket and Government Reader & Reporter of Radio Azad Kashmir, FM 101 and Officer of Muslim Hands International said that “The day is not far when sports competitions will be revived in the country,” She said that many people have died due to the coronavirus which is a threat to humanity and It is so

The day is not far when sports competitions will be revived in the country. Kashmir Women Cricket Coach

unfortunate. International award-winning lady Aliya Syed said in a newspaper with Global Times Media Europe that the coronavirus is a global epidemic. It is time to take precautionary measures along with government measures for prevention. Make it a habit to use mask gloves and sanitizers in daily life. Due to Corona Virus Lockdown is going on and sports-related sports fields also became chaotic, It is a loss for the country and the players. She further said that may God bless the people affected by the global epidemic of coronavirus and may God bless those who died of the virus.

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