PTI focused on development of Karachi for national prosperity: Governor

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KARACHI (APP): Rapid industrialization in the country for sustained economic growth is one of the top priorities of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan for which all possible steps were being taken within the shortest possible time. This was assured by Sindh Governor Imran Ismail and Federal Minister for Industries and Production Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar in a joint press conference here on Friday at the Governor House. Governor pointed out that the high cost of industrial plots was a big hindrance to industrialization in Karachi, being the port city it has great potential for industrialization. Karachi had been contributing fifty percent to the total exports of the country. On the directives of the Prime Minister, he said, the Federal Minister for Industries had spent two busy days in Karachi to streamline things before the Prime Minister’s next week visit. The Minister visited and was briefed about different organizations including Pakistan Steel Mills and K-Electric. Imran Ismail revealed that the next fleet of 40 buses for the Green Line Bus project was on its way to Karachi.

“Good news for Karachiites is, another 40 Green Line buses will arrive at Karachi Port soon,” he said adding that in October 2021 Green Line buses would be on the road. Its route had been completed and the Prime Minister would inaugurate the service which was a big gift to the people of Karachi by the Federal Government.

Karachi was the megacity and an international industrial hub, but unfortunately, it was neglected over the past many years. Even, not a single new bus was brought in over the last 13 years.

Totally misfit and rejected buses had been plying in this international city. The majority of the people including women and children had no option but to travel in Qingui in very miserable and unsafe conditions, he added.

He was critical that the Pakistan Peoples Party government in Sindh was not serious in the development of the province including Karachi and had set an unprecedented example of poor governance. He regretted that because of Sindh Government’s irresponsible attitude Bundle Island project — which is attractive to the world and guarantying huge foreign direct investment – could not proceed. But, he hoped, it would re-think and change its stance on this project for the good of the people of the province.

To a question, Governor said the people of Sindh were being misguided by PPP on this most viable project, which would generate huge employment for them, besides bringing prosperity to the province and the country.

“I request Sindh Government to reconsider and do not miss this big opportunity.”
He referred to the Ravi River City project where local and foreign investors had reached and the work was in progress.

Federal Minister for Industries and Production Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar said the enabling business environment created by the PTI government had played a pivotal role in attracting domestic and foreign investment in the country.

Makhdoom maintained that facilitation in investment was among the top priorities of the government and it was removing impediments in industrial growth.

He said that the government had given priority to exports and for that purpose, every possible facility would be provided to the industries for increasing production. It was because of this reason, special attention was being given to the development of export processing zones (EPZs). Minister said Karachi had a big role in the country’s economic prosperity and development. If sustained economic growth at 6 percent in the country was ensured, we would have to boost industrialization and exports from Karachi.

He said the Federal Government had allocated Rs 22 billion for promoting industrialization in the country, of which these Rs13 billion, were for industrial parks in Karachi.

Rupees 1.6 billion were also approved for water and sewerage schemes in Karachi. Federal Government was the guarantor for this amount of loan from the World Bank. Rs five billion were contributed to the development of the Dhabeji Special Economic Zone, which is part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Fifteen hundred acres of Pakistan Steel Mills land had been leased for the new national industrial park which would be completed at Rs 7 billion.

To a question, Federal Industries Minister said the Privatization Commission of Pakistan had issued a letter of interest for the revival of Pakistan Steel Mills under public-private partnership. This would generate big employment and PSM employees need not worry about it.

To another query, he said the demand for steel in the country was around ten metric tones per annum which were expected to increase to 20 metric tones by 2025. The country needed more steel mills which would generate hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar said, he visited Techno Mobile Company. Mobiles were being produced more than demand in the country. Nokia and Samsung had already signed agreements and other companies were expected to join.

The Minister said under the new auto policy, the production of cars would increase as the policy was focused on localization. This would help make cars/vehicles affordable for the middle class and the companies had been bound for timely delivery.

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