PTI MNA Abdul Shakoor Shad visit to USA

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Houston US, (PR): PTI Texas team hosted an event in the honor of Mr. Abdul Shakoor Shad, Member National Assembly PTI from NA 246. He won this Lyari seat after a contest against Chairman PPP.

Nazia Khan, Secretary Information PTI Texas welcomed the guest and conducted the Program. The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mohammad Saleem. Mr. Rafi Aziz senior PTI member presented the report of PTI activities both in Texas and in Pakistan. PTI Texas President Mr. Syed Rashid Bokhari talked about the future plans of PTI

Texas and how its contributions can make a difference. General Secretary Mr. Rehman Sharif Dhillon introduced the team and expressed the commitment to work for the betterment of the masses in Pakistan. Shakoor Shad MNA

Mr. Shakoor MNA updated the participants about the political affairs and the work that PTI was doing for the wellbeing of the common man in Pakistan. He said that the PTI government was trying to solve issues at every level. Houston1

The meeting was attended by media and prominent community personalities who shared their suggestions and experiences. The session was followed by a Q &A session. Houston USA4

Community personalities congratulated the PTI Texas team on arranging the event.

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