Public Awareness Seminars and Walks on “World Hypertension Day” at DUHS


Karachi (PR): Renowned Cardiologists at Dow University of Health Sciences urge people to live for your loved ones and keep away silent killer blood pressure away from life. 20% of people worldwide suffering from high blood pressure, except hereditary blood pressure. There are risk factors that can be reduced, so high blood pressure can be controlled without medication through low salt and sugar consumption, a balanced diet, daily exercise, not only by controlling high blood pressure but also by our loved ones, Can live longer with love. while can also prevent strokes and heart attacks, kidney, and eye failure. This is said by experts at Arag Auditorium. Of Dow Medical college on the occasion of world hypertension day in collaboration with Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Cardiology Department and Pakistan Hypertension League. On this occasion Chairman Department of Cardiology Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Prof. Nawaz Lashari, General Secretary Pakistan Hypertension League Prof. Ishaq, Joint Secretary Pakistan Hypertension League Prof. Abdul Rashid, Assistant Prof. Ghulam Abbas, Dr. Zaryab Ahmed, and Dr. Faisal Ahmed also spoke to the seminar. On this occasion, experts said that blood pressure is a silent killer, which endangers your life, but it can affect some of your organs and make them disabled for life. Is. Head of Cardiology Department Professor Nawaz Lashari said that the theme of World Hypertension Day is “measure your blood pressure and control it, live longer”. Connected with loved ones, so we can give more happiness to our loved ones by living more by keeping blood pressure normal, favorite and balanced diet, 30 minutes daily walk, Fruits, vegetables in moderation increase life.

Prof. Noor Mohammad Soomro, Medical Superintendent of Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital, said that heart patients come to Civil Hospital Karachi from far places of the province, so maximum facilities are available in the hospital. In order to provide completely free treatment to the poor patients, he announced that a cardiology ward worth Rs. 890 million cash machines would be provided soon and other modern equipment and facilities would also be provided to the benefactors.

On the occasion, Chairman General Secretary of Pakistan Hypertension League, Prof. Ishaq said that for the first time in 2005 he felt that high blood pressure was taking the form of an epidemic. There is an urgent need for public awareness. The blood pressure of many people in Pakistan has been checked unfortunately, due to lack of education and neglect of health in Pakistani society, diseases are arising. Despite the emphasis, safety measures are not followed, which leads to heart disease, diabetes, kidney, eye, and other diseases. Obesity is on the rise due to lack of exercise, which is leading to high blood pressure, heart attack, kidney failure, blindness, and various diseases. He urged doctors to Make time for patients, listen to them carefully, it will be a great relief to the patient.

The patient with high blood pressure has to take regular medication, so avoid this approach through daily routines in advance. “Stopping medication in case of high blood pressure can lead to a major accident,” he said, adding that stress should be minimized from one’s life as much as possible.

Joint Secretory Pakistan Hypertension league, Prof. Abdul Rashid said that blood pressure should be checked daily, this is the only way to prevent it, it is important for blood pressure patients to have their blood pressure checked. He said that even low blood pressure should be treated, which could be a precursor to major disease if accompanied by high blood pressure. If there are other diseases then blood pressure must be closely monitored.

Addressing the seminar, Dr. Zaryab Ahmed said that the most appropriate thing is for patients to lose weight, patients who have suffered from myocardial infarction, they Check blood pressure daily, only the use of appropriate medicine can save the patient from great danger, he informed the audience about the different types of medicines and their use, they said that previously only ACE Inhibitor first drug Was of choice, but now due to the development of medical science, various medicines are available according to the condition of the patient, whose daily use keeps the blood pressure under control, he said that if the patient’s blood pressure is 220 mg/dl To prevent any stroke or heart attack, such a patient is called a third-degree patient.

Addressing the seminar Dr. Faisal said that high blood pressure can be controlled without medication. He said that it is very important to check blood pressure at home. For this purpose, take at least 2 readings, smoking, cigarettes, don’t eat a grasser and fried diet use between 1000 and 1500mg of salt a day, more caution is needed in case of diabetes, as high blood sugar in diabetes can lead to high blood pressure, he said. 80 / 120mg / dl is normal blood pressure, which is considered different in different age groups, it they have in office or hospital.

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