Record price for diesel and petrol Out of control in Norway

128 price for diesel and petrol Out of control
Oslo Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): At Circle K in Petroleumsveien on Forus, the diesel price was NOK 24.34 per liter, and petrol cost NOK 24.23. Further north it was even more expensive. It is striking that the price of diesel is higher than the price of petrol. The last few weeks have been marked by record-high fuel prices. Just over a month ago, the price exceeded NOK 22 for the first time. In recent days, it has sneaked just over 23 kroner. Tuesday, therefore, marked a new record. 24 kroner for petrol and diesel we have never seen before, state communications manager at Circle K Norway, Knut Hilmar Hansen. It is natural that many react to the levels we see now. And we understand well that the high fuel prices are demanding for many, not least for those who depend on the car on a daily basis. And there are many of them around Norway, he says to Aftonbladet / E24.

Here, the diesel price is NOK 25.51 per liter and 25.40 for petrol. Hansen asks him for an understanding that the petrol stations can not control the fuel price as they want.  90 percent of the fuel price is beyond our control. Sixty percent goes to taxes and thirty percent to the purchase of fuel. The last ten percent of the company itself needs to cover the operation of the stations. The price of oil controls the price of fuel. At the time of writing, the oil price is at $ 127 a barrel. It is the highest price since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has affected the price picture. Hansen points to the war in Ukraine. In addition, petrol and diesel stocks are very low. This leads to far higher demand. Energy politicians on more expensive electricity, petrol, and diesel: – Can have major consequences. Despite the massive sanctions against Russia, the energy sector has been spared (to a large extent). The state sanctions are absent.

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