Saif Ali Khan – The Rising Star from Pakistan


Germany: Emerging from the streets of Peshawar is Saif Ali Khan with his own Originals & covers of Urdu and Pashto songs. With music as his passion, he is well on his way towards success and fame.

The self-taught Singer/Songwriter Saif Ali Khan plays under his own name as well as with his Hashtag band friends Kazi, Wahaj, Joel and Jerry. Aside from playing in local concerts around the city, he also records his Originals with Nazeef Maqsood Music Production and you can check those out on his youtube channel.

Having written & composed Aakhri Mulaqat, Bewafa & Rabba Dase Lewany, Saif’s elaborates the ‘stories’ behind them. “All was total fiction; the songwriter states.

We asked about his creative process, “Saif Ali Khan said I usually start with a guitar riff and then the melody and lyrics come together eventually. Basically, I get inspired by things that affect me or other people within my surroundings; people who have some kind of value in my life. This could be a lover, a friend or maybe even a beggar that I come across. Sometimes it’s natural, sometimes it’s forced but I would say that natural compositions are always better because they can touch millions of hearts”.

We also asked about working with Ufone for their Official Music Anthem, “Saif said Ufone project was definitely a different experience for me because I’ve never done proper playback before. In the end, we had a really fun time recording it and yes it was a great experience for me”.

His first priority right now is to get his BS degree from Edwardes College but he plans on continuing his music career as long as he has the opportunity.

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