Sardar Masood Khan has said that the development projects within all districts of Azad Kashmir would be completed with utmost priority in order to benefit the people at large.

The President made these remarks while addressing the annual event of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Social Reforms Council organized at Dar-ul-Jihad in Rawalakot today.

On the occasion, the President commended the organizing committee of the AJK Social Reforms Council for their determined and consistent efforts in mobilizing the population in addressing key issues of the society. He said this organization has effectively identified issues and has been working for their early resolution.

He said that the civil society can collectively work hand in hand with the Government by creating a public-private partnership for social reforms. He said we must unite in fighting social evils like illiteracy, drug abuse, intolerance and corruption.

President AJK said that development projects related to the construction of roads, water schemes and other civic amenities will be completed soon all the while ensuring the highest standards of quality are met. He said that the road leading to Rawalakot from Sudhanoti has been completed and work on Azad Pattan – Sudhanoti road will also be completed soon.

Stressing on the importance in upholding and promoting the culture of merit, the President said that by providing equal opportunities we can ensure only the competent are selected on the basis of merit. He said that the Government is focusing on transparency, accountability and universal access to justice. He further said that the difference between developed and non-developed nations is the vigilance and sense of responsibility displayed by its citizens.

Praising the efforts of the council in preserving the history of the freedom struggle in Kashmir by establishing a museum and library at Dar-ul-Jihad, the President said that this endeavour will help the younger generation in understanding the history of our freedom movement.

The President said that the innocent Kashmiris are being tortured, murdered, maimed and illegally incarcerated in the Indian Occupied Kashmir by the Indian forces. He said that 193 UN member states have an independent identity but even today the people of IOK have no independent political identity. Pakistan, he said, is the only sovereign window for the people of Kashmiris. he thanked the people and Government of Pakistan for their moral, political and diplomatic support to the right of dself-determination of the Kashmiris.

India, he said, is punishing Pakistan for its stance on Kashmir and has unleashed a three-pronged war against Pakistan; firstly, by killing our Kashmiri brothers and sisters in IOK; secondly; it is targeting our civilians across the LOC; and thirdly, India has launched a systematic proxy war to destabilize Pakistan by abetting and sponsoring terrorist activities in FATA, the province of Balochistan, Karachi and other cities of the country.

Addressing the students present at the event, the President advised them to acquire the latest education and display confidence through academic and professional competence. He said that students must have faith in themselves and the Almighty and adopt a sense of responsibility to serve their society and people. “Our Value system is your moral compass and true north”, he said.

The event was also attended by former AJK President Sardar Muhammad Anwar Khan, President Sudhan Education Conference Sardar Sadeeq Khan, President AJK Social Reforms Council Sardar Abdul Khaliq, lawyers, former bureaucrats, members of the civil society and notables of the area.