Sindh Govt. provide maximum relief to poor masses of the Sindh Province and resolve the long standing issue of water for Thar

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Mithi Tharparkar:- Under the special instructions public welfare task has been assigned to Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and the Sindh Cabinet to provide maximum relief to poor masses of the Sindh Province and resolve the long-standing issue of water for Thar especially,

In this connection to review the task and development schemes launched for the welfare and well-being of the people. The Sindh Minister for Local Government, Public Health Engineering Syed Nasir Hussain Shah today visited Mithi Tharparkar and other parts of the district, prior to this visits he had held a meeting with district administration and all other nation-building departments reviewing the performance and overall process of public health engineering development schemes especially RO Plants installed in the district at Deputy Commissioner’s Office here. Nasir Hussain Shah

The Sindh Minister for Local Government and Public Health Engineering Syed Nasir Hussain Shah while reviewing the development schemes has underlined the need for work on a revised water supply upgraded line scheme. He prioritized that before start new schemes existing schemes should be activated for completion within the time period to provide maximum relief to poor masses of the less-privileged areas of Thar and surrounding parts of the district.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that we are working on the same procedure to provide permanent drinking water to the people of Thar and other parts of it on the pattern of Achro Thar which was completed through 200 miles of pipes for the provision of a thousand villages and populations of Achro Thar and surrounding areas. The same scheme was under process and presently completed/installed more than 400 RO Plants will be monitored regularly by all our PPP stakeholders who will submit their reports to Sindh CM and he would present to Chairman PPP accordingly so we are here bound to implement all public welfare schemes and regularly visit and monitor all those schemes in all sectors. Nasir Hussain Shah

The Minister Public Health Engineering Syd Nasir Hussain Shah has urged the offices concerned that they would concentrate on development work, I will check all of the installed plants whether they are working or out of order. All such complaints may be resolve including shortage of staff will also be addressed on priority, He directed the concerned to take appropriate steps for immediate rehabilitation off those plants which are not working properly, He warned that No negligence will be tolerated, we want performance not lethargic attitude by any individuals.

The Minister Public health Engineering Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has asked the Deputy Commissioner should supervise all the work himself as directed henceforth. He assured that shortcomings and problems faced by the public health department would be rectified and the officers may further improve their performance and working, If they (officers) perform well, otherwise they will be dealt with accordingly. There are health, development projects, and other issues. The biggest problem is water should be resolved without further delay. Nasir Hussain Shah

After the meeting Syed Nasir Hussain Shah talking to the media and replied to their questions, on the occasion he lauded the efforts of his cabinet colleague Shabir Bijarani who had taken steps and trying best to provide clean drinking water to people of Thar and adjoining parts of the district that’s why we are visiting under the vision of our leadership to provide drinking water wherever not available or improve the existing system wherever the water was available, today we briefed that approximately 400 RO plants were made functional and report submitted in the meeting, So we are today going to personally check all of them and those were not completed as reported through complaints and pointed by you (media). He assured that their visit to the area is to resolve the basic issue of water provided to the Thar, replied that after rains the water drainage and other works are the responsibility of Public Health but some issues not yet resolved as separated the PHE and Municipal Services after Court decision that why we are facing thee issues but working to improve the system and evolve some mechanism to fix the responsibilities of Public health and municipal services. You (media) pinpoint the issues on various media so we are now coming and resolve these issues and improve the bad system by ending the negligence on any part and improve the governance and deliver the best. On another question, he said that who so ever the company was involved in the nonfunctional RO Plants, they are facing NAB and Courts but now we are working practically to start all RO plants properly to get exact facts and figures. Nasir Hussain Shah

In the meeting, DC Tharparkar Muhammad Nawaz Soho gave a briefing about the Tharparkar district, and Public Health Department officials also gave a briefing about his organization and the officers of Tharparkar Plant Plant, a private Oslo company, and other evil Devilton Dalton supporters.

Special Assistant to the Chief Minister is Arbab Lutfullah, MNA Dr. Mahesh Kumar Malani, and MPA Faqir Sher Muhammad Balani. MPA Qasim Soomro, Advisor Dost Mohammad Rehman, District President Gyan Chand DC Tharparkar Mohammad Nawaz Soho, Arbab Amir Amanullah Sushil Kumar Malani. Assistant Commissioner Rajesh ADC Tharparkar was present along with Rajesh Kumar and others.

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