Sindh ruined by incompetent, corrupt, mafia govt: Gill

108 Sindh ruined by incompetent

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication Dr. Shahbaz Gill on Saturday said incompetent, corrupt and mafia government has ruined the Sindh province.

In response to the statement of Murtaza Wahab, he said Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) was criticizing the federation only in an unsuccessful bid to cover up the deplorable situation in Sindh.

He said there were daily reports of children’s deaths in Sindh due to diseases like hunger, AIDS, and measles. But unfortunately, the rulers of Sindh were paying no attention to it, he added. Gill said those responsible for the deteriorating situation in Karachi have been ruling the Sindh for the last two decades.

Zardari Mafia captured 310 acres of government land worth Rs 15 billion in the West Karachi District, he added. He said in Karachi, 89,000 acres of government land and 2,800,000 acres of forest lands had also encroached.

Gill said Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf government has started to give rights to Karachi for the first time.

The federal government has earmarked Rs 98 billion under the transformation plan to Karachi during the current fiscal year, he added. Similarly, he said, an amount of Rs 22 billion was specified to generate electricity from coal in Jamshoro.

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