Skillset essential to exploit massive available opportunities: President

241 essential to exploit massive available opportunities

ISLAMABAD, (APP): President Dr. Arif Alvi Friday advised the youth to equip themselves with the skillset enabling them to benefit from the massive available opportunities in all sectors.

The president, addressing the first-ever Career Guide Expo 2022 held by the Ministry of Federal Education, said there were huge opportunities available in all the fields, and the developments like the entry of Amazon in Pakistan had opened up avenues for aspiring businessmen.

The three-day Expo features one-on-one counseling, a career guide seminar, over 30 stalls set up by local and international organizations, a book fair, scholarship pavilion, and ideas exhibition.

The president said that being a 19 times smaller country than Pakistan, the Netherlands had emerged as the world’s second-largest food exporter just by utilizing modern technologies in agriculture.

The president, who earlier took a round of stalls set up by HEC, PTCL, Oxford University Press, OGDCL, Pakistan Navy, and other organizations, thanked the education ministry for providing a rare opportunity to the students which should be expanded across the country.

He asked the youth to go into the fields based on the market needs as well as their own aptitude, advising them to never show prejudices to the knowledge coming from others.

Besides improving their communication skills, the president said it was also equally essential to earn a repute of trustworthiness as corruption had terminated the country.

The president said in absence of market analysis in the past, the country had produced doctors even beyond the market requirement which led to the brain drain owing to the lack of jobs.

He said currently, the world faced a dearth of human capital as around 80 million people were needed just for cyber security. In this context, Pakistan has a huge advantage for its huge bulge as the world was also looking at the country for quality human capital.

He said the information technology had enabled the girls to run their businesses while being at home.

He told the gathering of students hailing from across the country that Facebook had been given a target to train 100,000 girls this year to enable them to market their products to international buyers.

President Alvi also cautioned the youth about the phenomenon of fake news which, according to the latest study, mostly impacted the children of up to 14 years of age.

Exemplifying young Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg and Indian Muslim girl Muskan Khan for her courage to protect her right of wearing a Hijab, the president advised the girls to contribute to the national development after getting an education, instead of sitting at home.

Secretary Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training Naheed Durrani said contrary to the past, the children in the current era required constant support and counseling to make them opt for a career.

She said the events like the Expo were inevitable for the youth to provide them opportunities for asking questions and remove their suspicions about the particular fields they wanted to join and also boost their confidence.

Advising the students to give a special focus on technical skills, the federal secretary said while entering the practical life, the youths should also consider their soft skills.

Additional Secretary of the ministry Mohiyuddin Wani said it was for the first time that the local and international professional organizations had been brought to one platform for career guidance of the youth.

He said the prominent speakers would also address the event to share their experiences and guide the youngsters on their career planning.

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