SRSO initiates combating COVID-19 through a public awareness campaign


SUKKUR: Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) has been initiated for combating with COVID-19 Pandemic through a public awareness campaign and taking preventing measures in Shikarpur and Larkana districts, said Chief Executive Officer, Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO), Muhammad Dital Kalhoro.
According to his statement, issued here on Wednesday, he said that we can prevent people effectively from the COVID-19 pandemic with the collaboration and support of community institutions, (COs, VOs, and LSOs) district administration, and the health department.

Combating with COVID-19 pandemic is continuing and ultimately, we will be successful in this fighting from COVID-19 virus, he said and added that we should be playing our due role against pandemic at our own level. The role of Community Institutions (CIs) against the pandemic is very important because they are playing an effective role for awareness-raising and preventing measures among the masses at the gross-root level, the CEO said. SRSO has initiated an awareness project on the COVID-19 Pandemic with the support of the European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO) and Rural Support Programme Network (RSPN) in two districts of Sindh Shikarpur and Larkana, said Muhammad Dittal Kalhoro.

He further said that SRSO has started the COVID-19 Project under the ECHO’s Humanitarian Implementation Plan (HIP) with the collaboration with their partner organization RSPN in Shikarpur and Larkana districts. The key objective of this project is to support and respond Government of Sindh in addressing, responding, and mitigating the suffering of the people of Sindh, he said.

Kalhoro said that SRSO is implementing this project with the engagement and collaboration of community institutors (CIs), district administration, and the health department.

The SRSO Focal Person for ECHO-HIP-COVID-19 Project Mr. Muhammad Akram Shaikh briefed further details about the project and said his Organization has started the activities under this project from November in both districts. In this regard, a project team has been hired and trained about COVID-19 and Project. Under this project, interventions have been initiated in 83 Union Councils (Shikarpur 37 and Larkana 46) and trained 830 representatives of 83 Local Support Organization (LSOs) through one-day training and, thus 830 community resource persons (415 men and 415 men) will be also trained through two-days training on COVID-19 preventing measures and SOPs, he maintained. CRPs will be responsible to replicate training learning and COVID-19 preventing measures through community sessions and public announcement at the community level and identify suspected cases and referrals to nearby health facilities, Shaikh added.

”He further said the SRSO is conducting these all activities with the close coordination and support of the district administration and health department in both project districts. Under this project, Personal Protection Equipment’s (PPEs) supplies have been provided to the health department of both districts for paramedics and hospitals, and 101 hand-washing stations will be established at hospitals, schools, and public places in both districts, he said.
SRSO is working against the COVID-19 pandemic from starting days through community awareness campaigns, ration distribution, PPEs distribution, and support district administration, and health department. SRSO is responding COVID-19 emergency with the support and coordination of the federal govt. Sindh government and National Command and Control Center (NCOC).

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