SSGC clamps down on commercial and industrial theft, Zero Tolerance for gas theft: SSGC


KARACHI: (PR) On a tip off from reliable sources, the Operations Wing of SSGC’s Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations (SS and CGTO) Department conducted a joint raid on a Fast Food outlet Pearl Fast Food in Khokrapar Malir.  The Wing, accompanied by the representatives of the Company’s Customer Relations Department (CRD), DSM, SSGC police and FIR Cell conducted a raid on the outlet on December 26, 2018.

During the crackdown, it was observed that this already disconnected registered business unit was consuming gas directly through rubber pipe from the meter point.  Total load obtained was 745 cubic feet per hour (cf/hr). The team dismantled the direct connection.   Summarily, culprit Saqib was arrested from the spot and FIR was lodged.

Accompanied by the same team, that day CGTO’s Intelligence wing also raided a hotel in Karachi’s Old Town area of Nanakwara in Saddar. The team observed that a registered customer was found using gas directly through a rubber pipe for running the hotel.  Total load obtained was 560 cf per hour. The team removed the meter and disconnected the gas supply. While FIR was registered, the SSGC Police is on the hunt to arrest the absconder.

Operation Grift, the Company’s anti-gas theft drive has proved to be a major deterrence against gas thieves since it began in July 2017.

According to the Company spokesperson, SSGC will not show any leniency towards any gas thief, no matter how influential the person is and will ensure that his rightful place is behind bars.  Natural gas is a natural resource and it is incumbent on each one of us to conserve it.  Gas theft is a crime against community and SSGC seeks support of every citizen in nabbing the culprit. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & or WhatsApp +923132434567)