SSGC intensifies anti-gas theft operations through raids across Sindh


Karachi (PR): The Task Force of SSGC’s Customer Relations Department carried out an operation against the culprits involved in gas theft in various localities of Karachi.  The team undertook a raid in Bismillah Center and vicinity located in Scheme 33) and discovered that residents of 55 apartments and 37 houses in the neigbourhood were involved in stealing gas through rubber pipes. The Task force carried out another raid where over residents in 136 apartments out of of 400 flats were involved in blatant use of gas theft. The team summarily removed all rubber pipes and fittings.

Meanwhile in Hyderabad, the Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations Department (SS and CGTO) conducted raids on three customers involved in using domestic connection for power generation purposes.  Total connected load was estimated to be around 1,000 cubic feet per hour.   In Nawabshah City, a culprit was found using domestic gas connection to run commercial concern for power generation. In all the above raids, service lines were killed and tampered meter and regulator were removed.

The SS and CGTO teams carried our raids in Larkana different villages including Daud Dero, Qasim,  Bahram, Ahmed Ali Meher, Radan Ali Meher as well as in Phool Bagh, Jacobabad where gas was being stolen either via clamps and rubber pipes.

Gas theft is the major contributory factor behind Unaccounted-for-Gas or line losses. The rising UFG volumes negatively impacts the financial bottom-line of the Company. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & WhatsApp +923132434567)