SSGC makes inroads in prosecuting gas theft criminals


Karachi: SSGC’s Corporate Communication Department held an awareness session on Energy Conservation and Gas Theft Control for the benefit of the students and faculty members of SZABIST Karachi at its Clifton Campus.  The Company officials including Shahbaz Islam, GM (HR and Corporate Communications), Lt. Col. (R) Saad Ibnul Hasan, Chief Manager (Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations), S. Imran Ahmed, Chief Manager (Corporate Communications) spoke on the occasion.  Dr. Kaiser Bengali, Dean Management Sciences, SZABIST also addressed the participants. 

SSGC’s GM (HR and Corporate Communications) reiterated that Gas theft contributes 51% to rising Unaccounted-for-Gas or UFG volumes. He said that the Gas (Theft and Recovery) Act passed by the National Assembly in 2016 has facilitated SSGC in clamping down on gas theft.  The GM specifically stated that if an incident of a bona fide theft is reported to the Company, that individual, as per law, will be eligible to 5% of any recovered amount.

In his comprehensive presentation, Lt. Col. (R) Hasan, CM (Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations – SS & CGTO) informed the audience that since its formation in July 2017, the Department has helped arrest more than 10 gas thieves with cases being settled at gas utility courts. He said that more than 1,300 raids have taken place on domestic, commercial and industrial customers involved in gas theft related crimes, with the result that the Company has saved 1,315 MMCF of gas and accumulated Rs. 1 billion in claims. 

Educationist Dr. Kaiser Bengali underscored the point that gas theft is a major menace and appreciated SSGC’s efforts to control it.  He said that in order to decipher the success of the anti-gas theft operations, it is best to do a cost-benefit analysis vis-a-viz number of raids conducted and gas savings in monetary terms. 

Earlier, while explaining the premise behind the Awareness Session, S. Imran Ahmed, Chief Manager (Corporate Communications) explained that this Session was part of the University Campaign Drive undertaken regularly to inform the students about the need to conserve energy since due to rapid urbanization, industrialization and lack of new discoveries, demand for natural gas has outstripped supply. He hoped that the students would enthuse on their families and friends to identify and report gas theft cases and conserve natural gas by taking a number of measures in their everyday lives.  The Chief Manager said that SSGC has just launched a mass media Energy Conservation Campaign and will soon unveil an elaborate Anti-gas Theft Campaign in print, electronic, social media and through BTL activities such as float branding. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & WhatsApp +923132434567)