SSGC Making Inroads against Gas Theft through Fresh Raids


SSGC has continued to make major gains against gas thieves by conducting regular raids against the menace of gas theft. The Operation Wing of the Company’s Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations (SS&CGTO) Karachi carried out a raid in the city’s Sher Shah area.  The raiding party found that the gas was being accessed directly from the Company’s main supply line to run a roadside hotel. SSGC Police arrested the gas culprit Aziz-ur-Rehman at the spot and an FIR was lodged against him, whereas all illegal equipment was taken in custody. In another raid, Operation Wing Karachi took action against another hotel situated in North Nazimabad where gas was being accessed directly from the Company’s main supply line.

The efforts of the Company’s SS&CGTO Department have also been bearing fruits as the team is achieving one prosecution success after another. Offenders Abdul Ghani and Kamran Shaikh were convicted by the Honorable Gas Utility Court, Karachi Central, for their involvement in gas theft crimes. They have already paid to the Company, Rs. 270,000/- as the quantum of losses along with a fine of Rs. 5,000 for direct use of gas.

In another case, Honorable Gas Utility Court Larkana found Irfan Abro guilty on account of stealing gas for commercial purposes. The convict had already paid Rs. 850,000/- to SSGC out of a total theft claim of Rs. 1,730,000/-. The accused has undertaken to pay the remaining amount within three months.

In another case, Honorable Gas Utility Court Karachi West granted bail to accused Sajid Ali and Wazdan after the payment of the first installment of quantum of loss to SSGC amounting to Rs. 110,000/- out of Rs. 201,900/- and Rs. 100,000/- out of Rs. 202,800/- respectively. The culprits have undertaken to pay the remaining amount in installments, whereas another culprit Wazeer paid the remaining balance of quantum of loss of Rs. 720,000/- out of Rs. 1,443,300/- to SSGC.

Regular raids followed by the prosecution are acting as deterrence against the menace of gas theft, which is imperative to curb the rising issue of Unaccounted-for-Gas (UFG) or line losses that the Company faces as a result.

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