Tesla make new record in Norway’s become European bestselling luxry electric car


Oslo, Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): The Tesla  luxry electric car drivers enjoy almost a godlike status on Norwegian roads, with perks including free charging at Tesla supercharger stations, bus lane access, and exemption from fees on toll roads and ferries free service. Norway is the only country that has surpassed 50% market share for EV sales in a month and it’s well on its way to reach its goal of 100% of new car sales being zero-emission vehicles starting in 2025. Tesla ended up delivering the  cars in Norway alone for a new record and helping the country achieve a new record for lowest average CO2 emission for new vehicles. Tesla has been expanding its Supercharger network in the whole country. Teslas were sold in Norway, making it the company’s largest market worldwide. Electric vehicle drivers can also enjoy the use of bus lanes to escape traffic jams and most tolls. Unsurprisingly, all of this has fed into Tesla’s hands. At the same time, electric car sales continue to boom in Norway.