The Aga Khan University is a “National Asset” for Pakistan (Page 4/4)

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Research at AKU is addressing pressing challenges facing Pakistan, the doctors noted, including the quality of education in public schools, the number of women who die during childbirth, and the number of children who die prior to the age of 5. agha khan university2

“AKU is not only improving people’s lives in Pakistan, but it is also burnishing the image of Pakistan abroad,” Dr. Shafi said. “People in the most renowned institutions in the U.S. respect its quality. When I came here after graduating, I felt my education had prepared me to compete with anybody.” Chicago Agha Khan University2

H. E. Consul General Tariq Karim praised AKU for its impact and urged it to continue to expand to reach more people in need. Chicago Agha Khan University3 Chicago Agha Khan University4 Chicago Agha Khan University5

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