The biggest strike in Ryanair’s history over 400 flights have been canceled across the EU

Oslo, Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): The biggest strike in Ryanair’s history is under way. 400 flights have been canceled, and pilots in Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands strike. The strike will last until midnight. And as pilots around Europe also strike, Ryanair has not been able to pick up foreign pilots for the Swedish, says spokesman Martin Lindgren at the Swedish Pilot Association (PF) on Friday’s strike. The canceled flights in Europe represent over 15 percent of Ryanair’s 2400 scheduled flights for the day. About 55,000 customers are affected, of which 42,000 travel from Germany.The Flight is canceled from Torp Airport Norway also. Shuttled passengers are offered rebooking or the money back, but will not be compensated beyond that. Marketing Manager Tine Kleive Mathisen at Torp  Airport in Sandefjord says that a flight to Hamburg at 16.30 is canceled as a result of the strike. All the affected people have been contacted by Ryanair,” said Mathisen to NTB.
The strike in the Irish low-cost carriers is due to dissatisfaction with Ryanair’s pilots who want better payment and working conditions. If they do not get their will, there may be new strikes. Norwegian found director at Finn said, “We have not heard anything from Ryanair after they canceled Tuesday’s negotiations, but we will not give up. If Ryanair still does not want to talk to us, we will consider new measures, “says Lindgren in PF. Ryanair has mentioned the strike as “unnecessary” and complained to the affected customers. When NTB contacted earlier this week, the company stated that they did not have figures on how many Norwegian customers would be affected. We do not break down the numbers at the airport or market, but all affected customers have been contacted and our customers can check the status of their aircraft at, wrote Ryanair’s market manager in Scandinavia, Chris Lundshøj, in an email to NTB.