The future of the presidents of the corrupt National Bank?


The future of the presidents of the corrupt National Bank? Files ready in NAB, Unfortunately, the National Bank of Pakistan has also become a hotbed of corruption. At the request of the National Accountability Bureau, the names of some powerful personalities belonging to the National Bank were first entered in the ECL and then arrested. Those who had posted security bail were also handcuffed when their interim bail was canceled by the court.

Two former presidents of the National Bank have become pardoned witnesses in High-Profile cases as a result of the NAB probe. Efforts are underway to recover billions of rupees from other officers and co-accused and bring cases of damage to the national exchequer to a logical conclusion. National Bank of Pakistan is the national bank of our country but unfortunately instead of presenting proud stories, it is now telling stories of corruption and looting. Even the most intelligent, capable, and talented bankers are involved in corruption and causing huge damage to the national exchequer have become the main characters.

The current management of the National Bank of Pakistan headed by Arif Usmani is trying its best to improve the affairs of the bank. It seems to be active but now there are so many stories of corruption in this bank that any statement of the bank management is worth mentioning. In the past too, every bank management has been reporting that everything is fine, but as soon as the management was changed, the eyes of the people were opened and the loss of billions of rupees seems to be a common thing for the influential officers of the National Bank.

Heavy files have been prepared in the National Accountability Bureau. Cases have been filed in court. Further investigations are being carried out. There are allegations of causing more than Rs 18 billion damage to the national exchequer through the National Bank. There are 16 accused including a former president. In another case, there are allegations of causing damage of Rs 3 billion to other accused including the former vice president.

The Public Accounts Committee is also angry with the current President of the National Bank of Pakistan, Arif Usmani, for refusing to allow the Auditor General of Pakistan to audit the 2012 accounts and referring the matter to the Sindh High Court. Tanveer Hussain was very angry and said in the meeting that this is not someone’s personal bank but the bank of the nation and when the State Bank of Pakistan can be audited, why can’t the National Bank be audited. Special instructions were issued to the President of the Bank and the Ministry of Finance in this regard to withdraw the case from the court and present your account before the Auditor General of Pakistan for audit.

Those familiar with the record of the Public Accounts Committee meeting say that even the affairs of the current management of the National Bank of Pakistan are not a new soft in the eyes of the elected representatives as they are being told. More scandals could ensue.
It may be recalled that there are already NAB cases against two former presidents of the National Bank of Pakistan, Ali Raza, and Syed Ahmed.

In the Park Lane case against former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and the transfer of funds in the fake accounts case, several important officials of the National Bank of Pakistan are the main accused in the main role and cases. 2 Former Presidents Syed Ali Raza and Syed Qamar Hussain According to NAB, Ali Raza made a statement about Asif Zardari that he had introduced Anwar Majeed and Abdul Ghani Majeed of the group and said that Both of them will convey their message. Then a loan was issued to the President. NAB made a list of 61 witnesses in this regard. According to NAB, Younis Qadwai was instrumental in transferring the loan amount and sending money to a fake account.

On the other hand, a petition was filed by former President Asif Ali Zardari seeking annulment of the reference filed against him, during which the NAB transferred Rs. Evidence presented.

According to NAB lawyer Muzaffarabadi, the money was transferred to the rickshaw driver in the name of Dream Reading and to Faluday Wala in the name of Ocean Enterprises. The loan was obtained from the National Bank of Pakistan and delivered to the said accounts.
Another case against the National Bank, which is mired in corruption, has reached the NAB with reference to former Vice President Usman Saeed and he was arrested. He was accused of joining hands with 16 business groups in LC fraud and causing loss of worth 3 billion rupees to the national treasury while importing machinery from abroad.
The Dhaka branch of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) was involved in an Rs 18 billion corruption scandal involving Bangladesh, in which residents along with Bangladesh as well as employees of the NBP were among the accused and arrested on security bail. The bail of the accused was later rejected by the High Court in the case of Muhammad Waseem Khan and Dr. Mirza Abrar Baig. Imran Ghani and Muhammad Imran Butt were arrested. The accused were accused of abusing the powers of the former president of the National Bank. In the same case, former president Ali Raza was first granted interim bail but then he was arrested. According to NAB, from the year 2003 to 2012, A loss of Rs 18 billion was incurred in the branch of the National Bank of Pakistan located in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. In the same case, two accused Zubair Ahmed and SM Jahanzeb were accused of working illegally and causing damage.

Ali Raza, the former president of the National Bank of Pakistan, has denied the allegations against him, saying that he used to run the bank only through the group chiefs and all matters pertaining to 16,000 employees were handled by these group chiefs. He told that he left the bank on January 14, 2011; whereas the NAB sent him a notice on August 21, 2015.

Those who have a keen eye on the affairs of the National Bank of Pakistan say that many characters have joined the National Bank of Pakistan, who have abused their powers and influence and caused huge losses to the national exchequer.

Kausar Iqbal Malik is also a name associated with the National Bank, who is known to work in very important positions in the National Bank of Pakistan till National Accountability Bureau. He was ordered to be sent back to the National Bank of Pakistan by ex-chairman NAB, Chaudhry Qamar Zaman but he has been holding various posts in the NAB for 9 years. There are many mysterious things connected with his role.

The question is how the management of the National Bank of Pakistan is running the bank today. Can the present President Arif Usmani also get into any trouble in the coming days? Is he also running the bank through group chiefs or his approach is slightly different from that of former president Ali Raza?

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