The German govt. has a very important role to play in solving the problems of immigrants – Ikramuddin


Italy:(By/Ikramuddin) Ikramuddin, Senior Journalist and Head of the Jazba Ittihad Union of Journalists said that the German government was playing an important role in resolving the problems and difficulties faced by migrants. Angela Merkel has always cooperated with foreign immigrants as a humanitarian which is commendable. Supporting the German people is also an important responsibility of immigrants. It is also very important and necessary for immigrants to live according to German law. He said that European countries have an important role to play in the survival and service of humanity.

Angela Merkel has always cooperated with immigrants in Germany, which is commendable. President Jazba Ittehad Union of Journalist

He said that he was proud of the important role played by European countries in preventing the global epidemic of coronavirus. The European Union has done everything, What they could do for its own people, Neither of the Countries in the world has taken these steps for its people yet. If you look at the Asian countries, there is no law of justice and equality in the Asian countries, Which is why the Asian countries cannot move forward. Ikramuddin, Head of Jazba Ittihad Union of Journalists told the media that “Countries with justice can move forward and progress a lot,” He further said, that immigrants living in European countries should respect European courts because Justice is administered in the European courts. European countries have always respected and are giving respect to immigrants, which is a source of pride for us. Immigrants stand and will stand by European countries in every difficult situation.

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