The Malala Theory


Paris, France (By Yeser Ilyas): Malala has divided Pakistan; at least in theory. Some love her and see her as Pakistan’s pride and honor. Others believe her to be a foreign agent who has misrepresented Pakistan. There are so many conspiracies regarding Malala that it’s hard to keep count.

Whenever Malala achieves some accolade of some sort, the social media brigade especially Twitter starts dissing her. One group believes that Malala has done anything but make Pakistan proud. They believe she was a nobody in her own country whose only claim to fame is being shot by the Taliban and surviving through the ordeal. There are so many who believe that even her Nobel peace award was a hoax as many prominent people have been ignored by the international community.

Malala’s haters see her as the international conspiracy who was made a false planted hero to misguide the youth of the country. Her latest British vogue interview has done little to add credit to her. Despite the impressive cover of Malala in her signature headscarf look, it’s the interview that has sparked controversy. The reason being her views about marriage.
“I still don’t understand why people have to get married. If you want to have a person in your life, why do you have to sign marriage papers, why can’t it just be a partnership?”

The statement by Malala over marriage has made the Twitter brigade justify their hatred of her. Their claims of Malala being a foreign agent have started to ring true. Now they claim that what they knew about Malala was right all along. She is simply propagating ‘foreign’ agenda. Whenever the Western media highlights a controversial personality, many people claim that the person is a foreign agent.

From a girls education activist, a Taliban victim, a Nobel peace prize winner, an Oxford alumnus, and an author, Malala seems to have it all. Yet she has so many controversies regarding her existence. Pakistanis seem to love hating her. Some claim that the hate she endures is because of her opportunistic father who has made his daughter a cash cow.

Malala enjoys international recognition and she has become the face of Pakistan globally. Her future status and career aspirations might be in politics. This is bound to aggravate the Pakistani youth who dislike her. They believe that there has been so much unwarranted attention surrounding Malala that it’s nothing short of being suspicious. If Malala does decide to join politics she would have to fight a lot of battles as the youth of Pakistan seem to distrust ger quite a lot.

No one’s intentions are known to anyone but the person and the Maker. It’s also not wise to judge others. Its also considered envious if one continues to dislike someone based on their achievements. There have been many outstanding people throughout history who have been misunderstood. Its highly unlikely that Malala will win the hearts of all Pakistanis especially after her attack on the marriage institution. Her supporters are there who keep on backing her.

Although Pakistani community has yet to accept her efforts based on her sponsored achievements, her international fans are there to support her. She also has Pakistani fans and celebrities who fully endorse her but Malala can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to her online haters. Whatever the case be with Malala and whoever she truly is something we might never find out. Meanwhile, we should just simply live and let live. We should concentrate on ourselves rather than someone else even if that someone is a celebrity. Peace! 

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