Thread dying, plastic factory raided by CGTO, 3 CNGs sealed


KARACHI: The company conducted raid in a restaurant called SoS Bar in Clifton where culprits were using gas directly through a domestic gas connection by using a rubber pipe. The service line was killed by SSGC team, who suggested the business unit to apply for RLNG to run its operation.

In other operation raids were conducted in Lyari area on a thread dying factory, three hotels and a big bakery where culpirts were using gas for commercial purposes from direct line from domestic connections. Control Gas Theft Operations (CGTO) team disconnected connection and raised claim of load used up by the culprits. 

Meanwhile, in Kotri, another CGTO team conducted four raids in a plastic factory, road side hotels including Sachal, Bismillah and Jholay Lal hotels where culprits were using domestic connections for commercial use. The connections were disconnected and claims were raised. The business unit owners were at the same time asked to apply for RLNG.

CGTO team in coordination with the Company’s CRD, FIR Cell, along with SSGC Police raided on 3 more CNG stations which were running their businesses despite the Company’s instructions for a closure. 

The team sealed Sacha CNG Station Moro, Mustafa CNG station Moro and Awami CNG stations Qazi Ahmed for 48 hours and strongly warned their owners that if they will continue this illegal act the duration of closure will be increased in weeks and months. In addition, they will be liable to stringent punishment under the Gas (Theft and Recovery Act) 2016. Many CNG stations are kept under observation if they are suspect to open their stations despite closure notification by SSGC authorities.

CGTO chief Brig. (R) Muhammad Abuzar said In a statement that Operation Grift will be further intensified in the coming days as the Company has zero tolerance against gas theft.