Trams rolling through Porto’s street today 125 years ago – Portual


Lisbon, Portual (By Naveed Ahmed)  The Porto’s city of Portugal rolling the tram which complete today 125 years. he first city in the Iberian Peninsula to see these vehicles circulating through its streets. When they started operating, they caused a revolution in the concept of public transport and a reaction of astonishment in the population. They still exist, essentially as a tourist attraction.The calendar marked the 12th of September, 1895, when in Porto there were astonishment and exclamations. The first tram, a vehicle on rails powered by electricity, allowed people to move between different parts of the city more quickly and efficiently. It replaced the “Americans”, who also rode on rails but were pulled by animal force, through horses. Interestingly, the feat occurred in the same year that the first car arrived in Portugal, imported from Paris by the Count of Avilez. The idea of making an electric passenger vehicle available came from Companhia Carris de Ferro do Porto. In January 1894, José Ribeiro Vieira de Castro, one of the company’s administrators, applied to the City Council for a license to be authorized to test the tests of a vehicle that could “replace, in the traction of its cars, animal strength by on the marginal and Restauração lines, from Rua do Infante D. Henrique to the end of the municipality and from Passeio da Graça (Cordoaria) to Matosinhos. ” The municipality agreed, the tests were carried out with satisfactory results and from then until the inauguration of the first line, it took little more than a year and a half. 

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