Upcoming polio campaign, Covid19, EPI, and other health-related matter in MirpurKhaas Sindh

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Mirpurkhas: The Divisional Commissioner Mirpurkhas Syed Aijaz Ali Shah has ured up all Deputy Commissioners of Mirpurkhas, Umerkot, and Tharparkar to gear up their efforts for achieving the targets set for the upcoming polio campaign which would be started from 20-26 September 2021 throughout the division. This he said while reviewing the pre-arrangements of the upcoming polio campaign, Covid19, EPI, and other health-related matter in the Divisional Task Force Meeting at his office here today.

The Divisional Commissioner Mirpurkhas Syed Aijaz Ali Shah has underlined the need of paying mreattentiin and proper focus on weak points to overcome all such with viability and mobility of field staff concerned and supervised by respective polio officials and monitored by respective DCs and other designated staff of health dept etc. The Divisional Commissioner Mirpurkhas while eulogized the efforts of all concerned of divisional and district teams has conveyed the appreciation and recognition of the Sindh health minister while reviewing the provincial performance in this regard as Mirpurkhas division was praised the progress of covid19 with the first number vaccination process with 51% overall while giving importance to 2nd dose which would be properly filled the gaps in letter & spirit manner as the people are ignorant, forget if we will not focus / concentration the whole exercise of ist dose were futile and unnecessarily sowe should had full data and motivate the people for 2nd dose of covid 19 vaccination by utilizing all-out efforts and push them into it for taken care off properly. The Divisional Commissioner Mirurkhas has lauded the efforts of the whole year and PPHi for doing result-oriented targets and working maximum outreach of the task, besides upcoming EPI campaign and December targets which would also be addressed properly and improve the further score of division and districts as well as the asper target. we are in tier four so we will work as per guidelines and fulfill the requirements of international standards at par starting from Nov15 Ensure national micro plan with the help of all stakeholders and filled the gaps with proper handling of the task. On the occasion, IO of WHO Mr.Jan Muhammad detailed presentation giving about global polio cases 2019-2021, provincial and divisional besides environmental samples, performances of June 21 campaign, preparatory indicators Sept 21, micro plan quality assessment results, LPUCs for focus, operational issues, communication activities, surveillance indicators, EPI performance Jan to Aug 21, coverage and defaulter status, and EPI Access & utilization July Aug 21, Measles Rubellacatch up campaign intro & objectives started from Nov15 -27(12 working days) and other related issues. Director Health Mirpurkhas Muhammad Yousuf; RD PPHI Moula Bakhsh Solangi and All Dcs, DHOs and focal persons of Cvid19, EPI and Polio.

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