Women in leadership


( by: Sundeela Fayyaz): Everyone needs a role model. We all need someone we can point to and aspire to be like, and if they manage to captivate the public with their idea, you may call them a visionary leader.

History has shown that women can be great leaders and  gender equality should not be allowed to affect overall effectiveness, efficiency and results.

Women in leadership can stands out from the rest and is capable of making the right decisions for the group, team or organisation that precedes, inspiring the rest of those who participate in that group to reach a common goal.

Although half of the population of the World is women but when we look at different companies, firms, or startups, the vast majority of the leadership is men, the main reason behind that is, it makes really difficult for more women to see themselves in these roles, or they lack self confidence to see themselves at that top positions, that’s why there’s a disproportionate number of women in leadership positions and Women are still not considered as a strong candidate in business leadership roles worldwide and as a result they share few top leadership positions across the world.

However, companies who have vision, have placed women in key positions, they believe that Women bring skills, different perspectives and structural and cultural difference to drive effective solutions to companies occupied by men.

The mindsets of men has changed and now   we find women on boards and executive positions of major corporations because Women in leadership can complement men in fulfilling a mission.

Surprisingly, the scenario has changed in the last couple of  years and now  women have gone from no management positions in the workplace to 60% , which is a great improvement.

We have seen women proving their worth in formal education, in workplaces, in governments, and in many other organisations and delivering commendable results.

There is no doubt that Women in leadership possess complete range of the qualities that a modern leaders need, including self-awareness, emotional attainment, humility and authenticity but to achieve excellence in career, women must has to be good in personal effectiveness and must posses good leadership skills, which can help her influence employees, build their morale, motivate them with recognition, positive performance feedback, and providing employees with the resources and tools they need to succeed.

The qualities of a women in leadership are demonstrated through their efficiency in supervising assignments and ability to work with their team to achieve positive results.

A team is only as good as the leader and the leader is only as good as the team.

However,there are many underlying issues that have not been fully addressed in helping women take up leadership positions.

For them to rise up to lead, they have to face deep-seated biases and prejudices, they have to face greater odds to stand out from the crowd and lead in the front.

In order for women to start fulfilling their potential and taking on more leadership roles, companies need to encourage workplace diversity and it requires total commitment from everyone in an organisation.

The responsibility of a women leader is much more than just to excel in her career alone,Women in leadership or at top positions in their careers should encourage one another,  mentor the other women in organisations  and allow their creativity and abilities to be put to good use, they should provide opportunity to change things and with courage and confidence, women leaders can change not only the diversity among leadership teams but they may create a new form of leadership.

A greatest contribution women in leadership can make is to enable others to contribute effectively. Effective leadership brings together diverse people and helps them find common purpose and work towards to achieve purposeful common goals.

A successful Women in leadership must update and brush up her skills  with time and for that it is very important for her to attend formal or informal mentoring, speaking at events, engaging and networking with the people at those events.

The need of the time is to have more and more women in leadership and for humanity to progress and take ourselves to a higher level, we need to help women all over the world to expand their potentials and pursue their passions in life and to be the leaders.

Let us help them enjoy equal rights and opportunities and maximise their contributions to their loved ones, communities, workplaces and society.

We can certainly do more and do better to help them enjoy their rightful places in leadership positions and in other aspects of life.  (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address <editor@enewspaper.com.pk & WhatsApp +923132434567)