World leaders should not allow Modi to address at UNGA, says Kashmiri leader

100 UN General Assembly Modi

MUZAFFARABAD (APP): People of Jammu and Kashmir have launched an anti-Modi campaign to highlight Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brutal acts on Muslims.

Chairman Pasban-e-Hurriyat Uzair Ahmad Ghazali appealed to the masses to highlight the plight of Kashmiri people in the Indian Occupied Kashmir during the United Nations General Assembly session 2021.

He said that the world conscience should not allow Narendra Modi to address at the UNGA as he is accused of the killing of Muslims in the Gujrat riots and Jammu and Kashmir.
He maintained that the world leaders should boycott his speech because of his heinous and inhuman acts.

“Modi let BJP, RSS and other racists organizations in India are massacring Muslims”, he voiced.

Moreover, he also appealed to the Muslims around the globe to highlight their sentiments about the fascist Indian Prime Minister on social media platforms.

Uzair Ghazali also stated that people in Kashmir will come out on the roads and record protests when Narendra Modi will address the UNGA.

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