World peace and security is conditional on the liberation of Jerusalem – S. A. Sehbai


Islamabad: The so-called pioneers of humanity have tried their best to make Pakistan a scapegoat in the Third World War because thanks to C-Pack, Pakistan and China, and Asian countries have the ability to wipe out the so-called global terrorists.  Soon India will be torn to pieces. These views were expressed by the well-known writer, journalist, poet, human

The US-Israeli standoff is tantamount to throwing world powers into the fires of World War III. Chairman JAP

rights activist, chairman of the Journalists Association of Pakistan, and managing director of the Human Rights World Peace Embassy.  A.  Sehbai gave this message to the media on the occasion of Yom Takbir Pakistan.  S.  A.  Expressing deep concern over the current situation in Asia, Sehbai said that US and Israeli conspiracies could lead to the end of the

The so-called pioneers of humanity can bring about the end of the world

world due to the global war, while Pakistan, China, and Russia have the potential to wipe out global terrorists because we Acquired nuclear capability so that the enemies of humanity and the enemies of Pakistan could be put to death forever.

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